Vandaag (Oliver $ & Mathew K Remix)

In one of most iconic moments in the struggle for civil rights in the United States, Martin Luther King told an enormous crowd in Washington DC that 'I Have A Dream'.

Words which still resonate today, Dutch producer Bakermat dared to sample the speech for his breakthrough cut 'Vandaag'. A superb slice of melodic house, the intensity of Martin Luther King's voice and the universal message therein helped the track to become a bona fide hit on the continent last summer.

Since then, Bakermat has been able to tour across the globe with the youthful producer being feted by some legendary figures in the game.

With temperatures rising, Oliver $ and Mathew K have stepped in to remix 'Vandaag'. Giving the cut a new lease of life, there's an upfront directness to their approach which compliments Martin Luther King's message.

Check it out now.

Clash was also able to ask Bakermat a few questions - check it out now...

What do you feel when you listen to Oliver $’s remix of your track? Is it strange hearing your personal work taken in directions you never imagined for it?
I tried to find a broad range of producers to remix my work, from Electro to Indie to Techno producers. I like to see my own productions taken in directions I couldn't take them in. The Oliver $ mix is something completely different than the original, but I like the opposite approach it has. I would've never taken such a song in that direction.

Sampling Martin Luther King’s seminal ‘I Have A Dream’ speech on an electronic track has obviously paid off... What inspired you to put these two together?
I thought the speech was a piece of music on it's own, because MLK's oration was so strong, lyrically and melodically. I wanted to 'remix' this piece of music and blend it with my music.

You’ve got a new video out for the original now too – tell us a little bit about the concept behind it?
It represents the way I stand in life and music. I love diversity; it makes life less dull. In individualistic times, music can still connect the most diverse people in a way you can't imagine. I'm not afraid of the individualistic era, because I think that in the end shared passion for art, music, sports etc. will connect us anyway, but in a different way then before.

What can we expect next from Bakermat?
Gospel, soul, blues combined with pop combined with minimal dance: melodic house. I'm finishing my album that will be released this year. I'm celebrating this fact with a couple of live album shows around Europe. I will play my first one in London, the 6th of September, in Brixton Academy.

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