Green Man Takeover

Orchestral rock isn't the most fashionable of terms.

After all, it conjures up the messy final years of prog, or even the bombast of Britpop when just about every bowl-cut-clad combo in the country started hooking up with a string section.

Revere, though, are somewhat different. The band's sweeping songwriting, the vast emotional wells they draw on, are perfectly suited to a wider approach, to a fuller sonic palette.

2010's debut album 'Hey! Selim' was a cult success, allowing Revere to take their music across the country and beyond. Follow up 'My Mirror / Your Target' has more of a post-punk edge, but those Scott Walker influences still shine through.

Set to play the Green Man festival this weekend, Clash have decided to make Revere our Track of the Day. 'Don't Look Up, Hannah!' is gleeful in its experimentation, joyous in its failure to adhere to The Rules.

Stomping, soaring music which seems to start at 100MPH and just keep accelerating, you can listen to it below.

Green Man festival runs between August 15th - 18th.

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