The Mispers

Word of mouth, that's the thing.

The Mispers played their first show just over a year ago, nervously toying with material they had perfected in the rehearsal room. Fast forward twelve months and the London band have a dogged, devoted fan base who throng to every show and swoon to each new track.

It's a staggering achievement in itself. The Mispers specialise in slow burning, meditative material, displaying a real sense of depth to their artistry.

Part of the Clash 'Next Wave' selection for 2014, we've already nailed out colours to the mast concerning this lot. Thankfully - if new single 'Brother' is anything to go by - then The Mispers won't be letting us down any time soon.

Dark, gothic songcraft with an orchestral palette, singer Jack Balfour Scott's voice toys and teases with each line, each word. Gradually building in intensity, the song is about finding love in unusual places.

Balfour Scott explains: "The track is about our bonds with our respective brothers, but overall it's more about finding love in unorthodox places, with things or ideas, outside the norm of boy meets girl".

Check out 'Brother' below.

'Brother' is set to be released on March 3rd - pre-order link. Check out a Next Wave feature on The Mispers HERE.

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