Middle Finger
Piff Gang

Collective action, that's the thing.

Blame the internet, blame the Arab Spring, blame bloody Odd Future - it seems that these days the best young artists, the hottest new talent are pooling their resources and swapping ideas.

Hailing from North West London, Piff Gang are adding a UK-centric spin on the latest developments in Stateside hip hop. Early cuts contain the mystery of The Weeknd with the slumped beats of Dilla, with some Golden Age funk thrown in for good measure.

Alongside this, though, is a precise awareness of locale, a sense of place which could only come from London. Flecks of UK garage resound, with Piff Gang throwing in the odd glance towards bass culture.

New cut 'Middle Finger' is a naughty but nice, utterly uncompromising piece of music. Louis M^ttrs drops by, with the crew accepting a new member to the fold with consummate ease.

The video for the track features four masked robbers, who match a thirst for violence with a real sense of style.

Of course, there's a twist in the end...

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