'Lust and Lies (Joe Goddard Remix)'
The Ramona Flowers

There's a curious, exploratory vein to Bristol's music scene.

Hardly an area known for knuckle dragging lad rock, the area has proved to be adept at cutting through the rule book. In lieu of shaven headed indie and sloganeering, Bristol seems to excel at subtlety, at fusing genres rather than keeping them apart.

Still young, The Ramona Flowers are a case in point. Sure, the songs here are strong - the choruses kick in at just the right point, the breakdowns are expertly executed - but what surprises most is the colours, the palette used.

Sluicing together guitars with electronics, the band's new EP 'Lust & Lies' is a confident, bewitching document. Alongside the studio version of the title track, The Ramona Flowers have handed their material to Ladytron and Hot Chip's own Joe Goddard.

Out on April 29th, ClashMusic are able to present the Joe Goddard remix before anyone else. Opening with some serious dub effects - well, they are from Bristol, after all - the Hot Chip producer adds extra space to the track before stretching, teasing it out towards the seven minute mark.

At times quite sparse, Joe Goddard allows The Ramona Flowers' high, choirboy vocals to come to the fore on a remix which matches a beautiful sense of sonics to an itchy funk sensibility.

Listen to it now.


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