Hundred Waters

Skrillex may well be a divisive figure, but the American producer's profile means that he has undoubted influence.

Running the OWSLA label, Skrillex has been able to shine some light on a variety of new, breaking and underground acts.

Hundred Waters became the first indie group to sign with OWSLA, yet their music isn't 'standard' guitar music by any stretch of the imagination. Using flecks of electronics to time-stretch their music, opening up new spaces for exploration. 

Upcoming album 'The Moon Rang Like A Bell' drops on May 26th, with K7 assisting on the European release.

By way of a preview, Clash is able to premiere bonus cut 'Nowhere'. The patient build up burrows around Nicole Miglis' voice, with their introversion matched by a sonic intensity.

Check it out now.

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