Green Man Takeover
Anna von Hausswolff

The problem with performing is knowing when to connect and when to dis-connect.

Getting onstage, sharing something from your soul, can be an arduous experience, one that can leave the performer feeling drained, spent.

Anna von Hausswolff seems able to withstand the challenges thrown at her. Musically, the Swedish chanteuse has an open, sweeping grandeur which touches on flamboyant performers such as Bat For Lashes or even Kate Bush.

However listening closely to her music, the Swedish artist really seems to lay herself bare. There's little divide between the listener and her soul, with last year's album 'Ceremony' dwelling extensively on love, loss and the process of grieving.

Drawn to extreme experiences, Anna von Hausswolff is able to articulate these feelings in the most beautiful way possible. Taken from her recent album, 'Funeral For My Future Children' uses church organs and a lush, lavish arrangement to mask a brutally poignant tale.

Listen to it below.

Catch Anna von Hausswolff at Green Man festival this weekend (August 15th - 18th).

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