Fade Into You
Maximo Park

Resplendent in bowler hat and pointy shoes, Maximo Park became one of the most successful groups of the mid-Noughties post-punk resurgence.

Yet since gaining their independence, the group have been able to move into rather more daring spheres, taking chances their fame would otherwise have re-stricted them from accepting.

New album 'Too Much Information' was self-produced, while The Invisible's Dave Okuma and Field Music pair David and Peter Brewis were also on hand during studio sessions.

An intriguing, stripped back return, it finds Maximo Park returning to the simple task of making music. Obeying no other judgement apart from their own, it's probably the band's most exhilarating, straight-forwardly enjoyable record in some time.

Out on February 3rd, 'Too Much Information' will be available in an expanded, deluxe edition. Amongst the bonus tracks is a Mazzy Star cover, with Maximo Park tackling their blissful single 'Fade Into You'.

Performed and recorded in as simple a fashion as possible, it finds Duncan Lloyd delivering the lyrics in a tender, emotive fashion.

A wonderful song given an earnest, reverential twist, you can listen to it below.

'Too Much Information' is set to be released on February 3rd.

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