'Coming Home (Anamanaguchi Remix)'

Pop is almost a dirty word in some areas.

Yet, really, pop is almost hopelessly broad: Jessie Ware is pop, while so too are Psy, The Chipmunks and ABBA.

American production team Anamanaguchi are most definitely pop. In terms of approach, sound and result the group are fixing their sights on the biggest audience possible, but want to bring something new to the table while they're at it.

Notably responsible for the soundtrack to 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World', the production team are not averse to slightly less high profile projects. Manchester group Futurecop! recently unveiled new single 'Coming Home' - a frisky, infectious piece of danceable pop music which will shake hips, knock knees and get stuck in your inner ear.

Intrigued, Anamanaguchi agreed to remix the track. It won't be to everyone's tastes, but then what's wrong with a little pop every now and again?

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