Fingers Through The Glass
Out Cold

Manchester has a rich soul heritage.

The city's Twisted Wheel nightspot was arguably the birthplace for what would become known as Northern Soul, with amphetamine fuelled dancers pushing the DJs towards harder, faster sounds.

It's an element of the city's soundscape which has never really gone away. Songwriter Simon Aldred has always been aware of it, despite the country fuelled magic which rippled through previous project Cherry Ghost, and for his latest guise the artist has decided to journey through those lesser explored soul influences.

Using the name Out Cold he began piecing together a fresh musical language. Melodies were borrowed from Motown, while the slick textures of Philly's 70s output also served as a source of inspiration.

Exploring fresh equipment, Simon Aldred was keen to place the song at the heart of everything he did. "It still needed to be appropriate to me, but it had to be something unexpected, something that pushed me, that kept me light on my feet" he explained. "So I began learning how to use these weird old analogue machines, but with the view to keep writing good songs."

It's something Aldred has effortlessly achieved with Out Cold. Signing to Heavenly, debut album 'Invasion of Love' will be released in August but before then Clash is able to give away a quick preview.

'Fingers Through The Glass' is all wonky synths and home made production, with a charming, DIY feel which sits opposed to the layered songwriting. Clearly in love with those R&B influences, Out Cold is a knockout success.

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