Randolphs Leap

It can take a lot of courage to be humorous - especially in pop music.

Sure, Britain has produced more than its fair share of wry, witty commentators using the pop song as a vessel, but there are still very few songwriters who can cause you to laugh out loud. Perhaps it's because humour is viewed as equating to insincerity - or worse, to immaturity.

However neither of those labels can be thrown as Randolph's Leap, a band who manage to be both hilarious and deadly serious at the same time. It's an odd mixture. But then, Randolph's Leap are an odd bunch. There's that name for starters, while the band's ramshackle approach has resulted in some endearingly chaotic shows across Scotland.

Tying up a relationship with Fence Records, the band released the home recorded compilation 'Introducing... Randolph's Leap' earlier this year.

Now the band are to take part in the labels Buff Tracks series. New EP 'Hermit' - available only on seven inch vinyl and as a digital download - contains three new tracks, alongside a new remix from one time Down The Tiny Steps producer Jonnie Common.

Clash has gone for 'Hermit' as our latest Track of the Day.

Listen to it now...


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