'Loving (Slugabed Remix)'

It doesn't half rain a lot in Glasgow.

Roughly 80% of the time, it seems that the skies about the Scottish city are ripe with H20 - ready to tumble down onto the streets beneath. It can get a little grim at times, which is probably why the music which comes pouring out of Glasgow retains such a vivid sense of colour.

Born in Iran but raised in Scotland, Soosh - real name Soroosh Khavari - certainly has this. Attracting attention over the past 12 months with a series of remixes and one off releases, the producer has a low slung hip hop feel which isn't a million miles away from the likes of Rustie and Hudson Mohawke.

Yet the parallels end there. Whereas the LuckyMe crew have a directness that borders on being in-yer-face, Soosh' debut album 'Colour Is Breathe' is packed with subtlety - the synth tones are bright, vivid but ease their way out of the speakers and charm their way into your ears.

Error Broadcast recently pieced together a remix EP based on the producer's debut album, inviting some friends, cohorts and admirers to re-work Soosh' material into something new. The results are addictive, with Khavari's impish creativity providing plenty of room for outlandish dancefloor excursions.

Slugabed's re-work is a case in point. 'Loving' is originally a coy, playful beast which finds Soosh flipping around vocals recorded by his sister. Adding a Technicolour edge, Slugabed takes this in an outright Futurism dimension - 21st century G-Funk with a ruddy great grin on its face.

Listen to it now...

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'Colour Is Breathe Remixes' is out now.

Photo Credit: Luke Sharratt


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