Only the young have ambition.

It seems that most people reach a certain point in their lives when dreams of scaling mountains, scoring goals and breaking barriers seem to fade away, to be replaced by Saturday afternoons at B&Q and a spot of decorating.

Amber are almost frighteningly young. A five piece, the band are all attending university in Nottingham but instead of necking pints of snakebite and trotting down to the student union the group are doing something a little more rewarding with their time.

Unashamedly ambitious, Amber have busied themselves by crafting anthems, songs which are meant to be broadcast to thousands. Debut EP 'Noah' will be released (without label support) on July 22nd, and the title cut has already created waves online.

The songwriting is sharp, defined while the production is natural - just enough to let each note breath, but tight enough to retain that all important energy.

Ahead of this, Clash are able to premiere new track 'Champion'. Slow without being drawn out, it's the sound of a band taking their time, aware of their own potential and where it's taking them.

Driving, storming and hopelessly ambitious, 'Champion' is a track which makes you want to sit and watch your own dreams come true.

'Noah' is set to be released on July 22nd. Pre-order link

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