Ways To Go (Everything Everything Remix)

True progress is gradual; a step by step elevation, the painstaking journey past obstacles.

Grouplove formed in 2009, and - despite enormous buzz around them - initially found the transition to label structure difficult to cope with. Opting to self-release their debut EP, each subsequent step beyond this has bolstered their profile exponentially.

Taking their live show across the United States, Canvasback/Atlantic Records stepped in to support the group. Re-issuing their debut EP, Grouplove suddenly found themselves at the centre of a global cult following.

Yet the true groundwork was laid out some time ago. New album 'Spreading Rumours' will be given a British release on February 17th, but before then fans can bask in a fresh single.

'Ways To Go' will be released on January 6th, following a high point of #1 on the American iTunes alternative chart. "'Ways To Go' is about self-discovery" singer Christian Zucconi. "Who am I? Where am I going? Are you coming with me? We are asking those big questions as we come into our own lives. 'Spreading Rumours' as a whole is an album that was created from the energy of our live shows, captured in a three month stay at an old Motown house in LA. There's an anxiety and curiosity that comes with living on a tour bus with your band mates for 3 years, and all of that translated into the record."

Ahead of the single release, Clash is able to premiere something very special. Everything Everything have stepped in on remix duties, twisting 'Ways To Go' into a fun, left-field synth pop arena.

Packed with energy, the re-working retains those incessant hooks of Grouplove's original but adds some day-glo textures with wild abandon.

Listen to it now.

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