Meat Wave

One of the first American groups to be branded punk outwith New York state, Wipers spent the best part of a decade delivering nasty, distorted, thrilling sounds.

Initially splitting in 1988 (before reforming in the mid 90s) the band’s legacy can be felt in all manner of odd places.

Such as Chicago’s Meat Wave. Themselves no mean dealers of illicit guitar thrills, the band’s potency, their willingness to bend the rules as they see fit, marks them out as something a little different.

Meat Wave’s debut EP ‘Brother’ drops on January 19th via Brace Yourself Records, and it contains a neat cover of Wipers’ ‘Mystery’.

Retaining those oddball pop elements and a love of visceral noise, Meat Wave deliver a crisp, insistent update on Wipers’ template.

Check it out now.

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