'Disconnected' (Shrinkwrap remix)
Huw Costin

Funny how the Acid folk revival has been dominated - in a critical sense, at least - by American artists.

It seems like such an obviously British form. The pioneers, from Bert Jansch to Anne Briggs to Roy Harper, were predominantly British, and used their undoubted skills to harness a renewed sense of identity.

An identity which is still being explored. Huw Costin hails from Nottingham, and his music reaches back to those trailblazers of the 60s and early 70s. Golden, de-tuned acoustic guitars ring out, with only minimal percussion listing Costin's voice.

It's a mixture which has worked before, and - with a sharp, individual twist, of course - can work again. New solo album 'Something / Nothing' finds the Nottingham talent continuing down his idiosyncratic path.

Album cut 'Disconnected' is a high point, with Huw Costins seeming to speak of a very 21st century sense of ennui. Production team Shrinkwrap have stepped in on remix duties, with Mark Rayner and Matt Horobin steering the track in a chilled out yet quietly experimental direction.

Listen to it now.

'Something / Nothing' is out now.


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