'Clown Karma' b/w 'Hell Fissure'
Punching Swans

As far as band names go, Punching Swans is pretty much on the money.

Agile, visceral and straight to the point, it also displays a bizarre, off kilter sense of humour. After all, have you ever actually tried to punch a swan? Those bad ass muthas would snap your arm like a twig.

2012's debut album 'Punching Swans' saw the band introduce themselves. All frenetic, complex rhythms, surreal call-and-response chants and the odd disco groove, it was post-hardcore with a very British sense of humour.

Follow up 'Mollusc' drops later this year, but before then Punching Swans have the small matter of a double A-side single to attend to.

'Clown Karma' b/w 'Hell Fissure' pairs two pieces of feral, brittle punch rock. If anything, 'Clown Karma' is the more subtle of the two, with its arch punk-funk garb recalling early Minutemen sluiced through Fugazi's back catalogue.

All treble guitar, screeching and drumdrumdrums, 'Hell Fissure' more than lives up to its uncompromising title. Put together, the twin cuts recall a certain afro clad group from El Paso, Texas - the spirit is there, for sure, but it's matching to an adventurous spirit, a twinkling, evil charm.

Check out 'Clown Karma' b/w 'Hell Fissure' below.

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