'Lootin' In London', remixed by White Lies...


Well, at least that’s what we think RDGLDGRN (that’s “Red, Gold, Green”, obviously) are trying to tell us. Blunt, direct and to the point, the Washington DC outfit recently completed its first-ever UK tour, and the live venues of Blighty are still shivering themselves to sleep at night.

The impact has been tangible. Ostensibly hip-hop, the trio also takes cues from some of the finest bands that their city has ever produced – think Bad Brains, Minor Threat. They’ve made friends in high places, having worked with both Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams. This is rap-meets-hardcore with a true, defiant sense of purpose.

The outfit’s new single, ‘Lootin’ In London’ – featuring drum work from Grohl – is released on August 12th, and pitches together two very disparate youth cults in its official video. At the same time as hardcore was marauding across Reagan’s ‘Morning In America’, the UK was being terrorised by football casuals.

Far from condoning violence, the song is more of an ode to living outside the law, to rejecting social norms to create a place where you can live free. Angel Haze sits in on the chorus, adding welcome contrast.

Clash is able to bring you a remix of ‘Lootin’ In London’, courtesy of returning indie trio White Lies, as its TOTD. Listen to it now…

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