'Surrogate Head' (Live At Arctangent)
The Physics House Band

Psychedelic. Math Rock. Prog.

All terms that have been thrown at The Physics House Band, and all terms that have been discarded, rendered useless by artistic expansion, about-turns and sidesteps.

An ever-amorphous project, the Brighton based outfit recently sat down to work on new material. Focussing on their next album - the trio's first since 2012 - the band have begun dropping new songs into their live sets.

Handing a video to Clash, we're delighted to be able to offer a preview. 'Surrogate Head' is a lengthy, deeply trippy instrumental track, shifting and evolving at its own pace.

There are shades of post-rock here, too, most obviously in the sudden shift between light / shade, organic / heavy which Mogwai employ to such fine use in their own live show.

As ever, though, The Physics House Band remain infuriatingly difficult to place.

Check it out now.

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