In a way, it's remarkable that Jenny Reeve and Jill O'Sullivan hadn't met before.

Both are vital components of Glasgow's music scene, with Jenny Reeve perhaps best known for her role in Strike The Colours and frequent collaborations with Malcolm Middleton.

Jill O'Sullivan, meanwhile, has helped steer Sparrow And The Workshop to cult respect across a string of wonderful releases.

Yet the pair remained virtual strangers to one another, until being caught up in a snowstorm in Perthshire. Bonding in Little Chef as the Scottish winter swirled past the window, the two kept in touch and began exchanging ideas.

Which is how BDY_PRTS was born. A new project, the pair fuse their stark brand of Americana infused songwriting with kinetic beats courtesy of a vintage AKAI sampler.

Playing a host of shows, BDY_PRTS have handed a new track to Clash. 'IDLU' opens with distorted, almost industrial beats before sliding into a taut guitar riff with some slightly Oriental tones.

The loping rhythm recalls Jonathan Richman's 'Egyptian Reggae' before the pair begin trading vocals which are sheer, effortless pop music.

Listen to it now.

Check out BDY_PRTS via their official site.

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