San Fermin

Being tour can change a band.

The relationships within the ensemble can shift, change, while the arrangements can move and evolve on a near nightly basis.

Brooklyn group San Fermin have spent the past six months on the road, taking their vast, choral, orchestral sound across the globe. In the course of this, though, the group have developed new ideas, new ways of approaching their material.

Biblical in scope, 'Methuselah' is a true concert highlight, and - with this in mind - the band recently went back into the studio to record a new version.

The girls from Lucius appeared on the original version, with Rae Cassidy lending her vocals to this new recording. A vast, swirling epic, there's a physicality to San Fermin's music which has been honed in the best way possible: by putting their sweat, blood and toil into every show they face.

Listen to it now.

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