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Winter is coming. Don't know about anyone else's toes, but mine can certainly feel it. Time for some new slippers, and daydreaming of faraway, sun-kissed beaches.

Which brings us nicely (enough) to 'La Plage' - a new number by Manchester's Murkage, featuring the guesting tones of Clash favourite Bipolar Sunshine. The track is leading the charge for the collective's forthcoming debut album, which in the words of the PR pushing these tasty sounds Clash's way, "threatens to crack the very concrete we're stood on". 

The album's been a good six years in the making, but comes at the right time: after a series of stunning festival shows over the summer-that-was, Murkage are poised for a breakthrough, ready to rewrite the rulebook of British rap.

(Wait... there's a rulebook to British rap? Anyway...)

'La Plage' was recorded in just a single day. Speedy. The Quietus have called Murkage "Manchester's biggest band", and we don't think they're talking about inside leg measurements. The Guardian, meanwhile, has suggested the act is to have "the last laugh". Over what, we're not sure. But to play safe, let's all promise to keep on their good side, okay?

Listen to 'La Plage' (released December 4th) below, before Hell goes and freezes over...

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