Rosie Lowe

London's Chinatown is a dense network of streets, roads and alleyways which dip and dive through the heart of Soho.

A knotted path of lights, restaurants, shops and houses, it's a close-knit community, one which is at once British and something quite distinct. It's this individuality which seems to suit Rosie Lowe's music.

The singer's new cut 'Games' is slo-mo soul with a modern twist, with production courtesy of Dave Okumu (of The Invisible) and Warp signee Kwes.

Stripped from her new 'Right Thing' EP, the track is a woozy, effortlessly stylish introduction to a London based talent who seems to have sprung fully formed from the ether.

Director Fred Rawson has shaped his own vision around Rosie Lowe's music, with 'Games' evolving as two young girls trace their journey around Chinatown.

Beautifully shot yet unsettlingly intense, it's an apt counterpoint to this blossoming songsmith.

Rosie Lowe is set to play London venue Oslo tonight (February 20th) as part of Clash Magazine's Next Wave residency.

Photo Credit: Liam MF Warwick

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