'Fade Away (Vitalic Formentera Rework)'

Disco bedlam, house confrontation.

Vitalic seems to thrive on confrontation. Usurping old styles to create new possibilities, 2009's 'Flash Mob' marked a fresh stage in the producer's career, a new turning point for the French beatsmith.

Last year's 'Rave Age' continued the pattern. Matching disco's allure to a renewed physicality, the sound of Vitalic is at times like a seductive, electronic parallel to heavy metal.

New single 'Fade Away' is a case in point. Echoing the 70s disco themes, the track is a Brutalist construction - all jagged edges, glass sheen and imposing architecture, this is as heavy as concrete and twice as blunt.

Yet there's a sweet pop touch here as well. Joe Reeves (from Glasgow post-punk faves Shit Disco) adds guest vocals, while the remix package finds some guest producers exploring some softer climes.

Vitalic leads the way. 'Fade Away (Vitalic Formentera Rework)' is a nod towards Italo styles, with the French producer turning the clock backwards in order to look forwards.

Listen to it now...

'Fade Away' is set to be released on April 29th.


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