'All I Have' (No Ceremony Remix)
Laki Mera

Glasgow is rightly lauded for a particular sound, a particular lineage of bands.

From Orange Juice to Franz Ferdinand, the city has produced countless inspiring guitar bands, each honing their own identity with a gleeful sense of creativity.

Yet the past few years have seen the city's music scene dominated by electronic music. Hudson Mohawke and Rustie has produced a globally recognised sound, while newcomers such as CHVRCHES have their own distinctive take on glacial synth pop.

laki mera sit somewhere between the two. Utilising the latest technology, the band fuse electronics with a probing sensibility borrowed from the post-punk period, a willingness to accept new ideas which sets them apart.

Debut album 'Turn All Memory To White Noise' received widespread praise, with laki mera pasting together their experimental tendencies with an addictive pop touch.

New single 'All I Have' is set to emerge on September 9th, and comes coupled with a remix from NO CEREMONY. The two groups share much in common: a three piece line up, electronics and a belief that their ideas should be funnelled into a sugar sweet package.

Dreamy electronics which can still work a dancefloor, you can listen to the remix below.

...check out the original video for 'All I Have' below.

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