'Séance For St. Sebastian'

Darkness can often be a difficult property for music to convey.

After all, pop music is so drenched in melancholy, in heartache that something truly dark, truly unsettling can get lost.

Lovechilde is a product of London based duo multi-instrumentalist Thomas Eliot Dodd and producer James Dashwood. Working together, the results are slow, drawn out and deeply atmospheric.

The songwriting has a profoundly personal, often upsetting quality which is matched to an abrasive sound. Influenced by the more gothic strands of post-punk and songwriters such as Tindersticks' Stuart Staples, Lovechilde seem to inhabit a world where the curtains have been drawn and complete darkness descends upon the room.

Debut full length 'Doorway To The Cesspit' will be released later this year, but before this Clash can offer an evocative preview.

'Séance For St. Sebastian' is a call to the fated Saint, whose death - pieced by arrows - has become a recurring motif in the visual arts. Brimming with a sense of unease, there's a near spiritual dread running through the track.

Check it out now.

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