Salt & Cloves
Fionn Regan

Music – like all art forms – depends on factors which often can’t be pinned down. Chemistry is a great example: some collaborations have it, others don’t, but either way the finer details are almost impossible to express.

Which is why it’s difficult to write about ‘Salt & Cloves’. A typically finely wrought piece of acoustic songcraft from Fionn Regan, it benefits from effortless harmonies supplied by The Staves. “When I heard them singing it was like the northern lights or something – the harmonies, the way they work together, the sound of it..” explains Regan. “I mean, they can sing with anybody, it’s not just me. I think there’s some kind of magic between us. My voice probably works better with a female voice. Some singers do and you can’t really explain why that is. They seem to complement each other in a way.”

It certainly works. Adding shimmering, almost country infused notes to ‘Salt Cloves’ the trio seem to take Fionn Regan’s music in a fresh direction. Seemingly recorded on a spur of the moment – “it was a spontaneous kind of thing” – the track underlines Regan’s commitment to a more natural, organic form of songwriting.

“Things that are slick send me running for the hills” he explains. “As we’re in a time where it’s getting easier and easier to manipulate things, aesthetically that becomes the watermark for everything. I’ve found myself going further and further away from it. I find that it’s your responsibility to make your own contribution in your own field. Stick to your guns regardless of what’s happening. It’s like tunnel vision – a very optimistic sort of tunnel vision”.

Sounding almost effortless, ‘Salt & Cloves’ could be followed by more collaborations between Fionn Regan and The Staves. “When we meet up we’re always talking about doing different things down the road” he enthuses. “I definitely think there could be songs and collaborations, I think that will evolve over time”.

Watch the video for ‘Salf & Cloves’ now.

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‘Salt & Cloves’ is taken from Fionn Regan’s new album 'The Bunkhouse Vol. 1: Anchor Black Tattoo' which is set to be released on January 28th.


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