Most people have a nickname during childhood.

It's almost the rite of passage, in the same manner as breaking a bone, scoring a goal or joining a library.

KHUSHI decided to keep his. The secretive Londoner utilises his childhood alter ego, which is perhaps appropriate given the wide eyed innocence, the overwhelming emotions which ripple through his music.

A handful of quite special live shows have pushed the songwriter into public gaze, with recording sessions during the tail end of 2013 uniting KHUSHI with Charlie Andrews and Peter Lyons.

New EP 'Phantoms' is the result. Available from March 3rd, the four track document will be pressed onto ten inch vinyl via Laissez Faire Club.

The title cut is an inspiring, evocative thing of beauty. Focussing on KHUSHI's immaculate voice, the track weaves in and out, never quite solidifying as the production team allows wisps of electronics to flit in and out of the track.

Listen to it now.

KHUSHI is set to play the following show:

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