Listen to the London duo's 'Lairs'...

New to us, and new to you - probably. Today's TOTD comes from London pair WULF, aka those chaps up there, aka Jimmy and Joshua. Truthfully, we've not got a lot of background information to go on - so why not let the band's music do most of the talking.

The track in question here is 'Lairs', which comes after some decent early support for the duo - they've picked up Radio 1 spins, mainly by word-of-mouth praise than any concentrated PR campaign. (Which is a good sign.) They're working on their debut LP with James Kenosha (Dry The River), and have fans in the shapes of Steve Lamacq (nice) and Tom Odell (well, beggars can't be choosers at this point).

Here be 'Lairs'...

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