Aisha Orazbayeva

The violin comes weighed down with centuries of history.

Sitting at the heart of classical music, each new performer has to content with decades upon decades of recordings. It can be somewhat difficult, therefore, to find a place you can call your own.

Aisha Orazbayeva though, is attempting exactly this. New album 'The Hand Gallery' finds the musician deconstructing the violin, teasing apart each facet of its sound before bringing the whole thing together for an insightful conclusion.

Out on March 24th via PRAH Recordings, the album is all part of the musician's wide ranging creative thirst. "For me, music is music" Orazbayeva commented recently. "I don’t want to specialise". 

Ahead of this, though, Clash is able to showcase new track 'VIOLIN PHASE'. Initially composed by Steve Reich in 1967, it finds Orazbayeva meditating on one repeated pattern, allowing the form and texture of the instrument to come flooding through.

It's something quite different for Track Of The Day, and we dearly hope you enjoy it.

Aisha Orazbayeva is set to play the following show:

25 London Cafe OTO

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