To The End
Woman's Hour

If British guitar music really is making a comeback, then it's probably not in the way that some would like.

Gone are the days of four chaps with guitar aping The Clash - in their place are a myriad of new collectives exploring the guitar's potential for making noise. Shove it through a maze of effects pedals, plug it into a laptop - just don't turn it up to eleven.

Of late, Woman's Hour have been teasing our ear. A four piece based in London, the band have only played a few shows and released even less material online.

Yet there's potential here. From the name alone you're away that this is something playfully British, sitting in that wonderful art-pop lineage which seemed to be vacated of late.

New single 'To The End' is perhaps the most effortlessly beautiful thing the band have yet put their name to. There are traces of The xx in here, but only in approach - fusing ethereal electronics with sighing vocals, a rather more apt approach would be the work of Welsh postp-punk group Young Marble Giants.

There's a pop touch here, with the chorus sounding like Stevie Nicks on codeine (a prospect which at one time wasn't far from the mark) before the drums force the track back to life. Filled with the mystery of their native Lake District, 'To The End' is an extremely exciting prospect indeed.

Listen to it now.

- - -

'To The End' is available through Parlour Records from April 8th.


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