'I'm Yours'

Travel broadens the mind, or so they say.

If so, then Benedikt must certainly have a broad approach. Born in Canada, he was home-schooled before joining the National Ballet School of Canada at the age of 15.

Later travelling to the Netherlands, he most recently re-located to Berlin. Combining his love of dance and music, each performance from the rising artist feels like an event.

Hugely memorable, extremely imaginative, Benedikt explains: "This music project puts a strong emphasis on the body. To feel and be felt. To know is to move."

New cut 'I'm Yours' airs on Clash, and it's a gorgeous introduction to his world. "'I'm Yours' choreography was created with my dear friend Thomas Van Praet - the dancer in the video. We wanted to create something that was simple yet immediate. Also, I used a continuous close-up shot to add more intensity and intimacy to the video."

Check it out now.

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