Do machines have a soul? Is there something beyond that mesh of wires and bolts, the endless zigzag lines of a micro-processor?

It's a question we raise again and again. Soul music - at least, the intensity of communication often associated with soul - is difficult to replicate in the machine age. Yet listening to rising London songwriter WALL we can't help but feel that she's onto something.

Debut single 'Magazine' dropped last year, accompanied with a cover of doomed folk siren Karen Dalton. Matching grinding, tech driven production to vocals which glisten with emotion, it was a startling introduction.

New EP 'Shoestring' is a confident step forward. Direct without being visceral, future minded without losing sight of her influences, the five song package is a remarkable tour de force so early into her career.

Out on April 1st, ClashMusic have been granted first place of 'Valentine'. The guitars are steeped in folk, but the way they've been recorded recalls the brittle tones of Industrial. A gently evolving tale with some dark twists, it's an intoxicating display from the hugely exciting London talent.

Listen to it below.


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