Half Crazy
The Barr Brothers

As unusual as it may seem, but Canadians can often do Americana better than the Americans themselves.

Neil Young is often cited as a huge influence on modern Americana, but grew up north of the border. The Band, too, hail from Canada, only witnessed the vistas of the American south on tour.

The Barr Brothers hail from Montreal, but this hasn't stopped the band from steeping themselves in vintage blues and country.

New track 'Half Crazy' is online now, and it's a frenzied introduction. Sounding for all the world as though they've sold their souls at the Mojo Triangle, The Barr Brothers play a mean slide guitar before allowing those sandpaper vocals to come to the front.

A stone cold groove with a menacing edge, The Barr Brothers add the plummeting temperatures of Montreal to the Americana stew.

Check it out now.

The Barr Brothers' new album 'Sleeping Operator' will be released on October 6th.

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