Alysia's Theme

British dance music is splintering.

With house making another commercial charge, it seems that some producers heading back underground. Not for them the glitz and glamour of the charts - some people make music for the sheer love of it.

Fragmenting into all manner of new sounds, the summer is being dominated by a lack of consensus. New labels, producers are pushing ahead, setting their own agenda as they see fit.

Launched by London duo Unit7, new imprint WRHSMusic "is us closing our eyes and trying to recreate that idea now with the ways things are in this era. It allows us to release music, programme parties and curate performances that all have this strong vision about them."

The new label launches with a AA sided release, pairing Pusherman with Unit7. the collaboration has resulted in some strange, skeletal sculptures which have a nagging, infectious groove - house, essentially, but not as you know it.

'Alysia's Theme' is one of the stand out moments from the new EP: opening with moody synths and dub-inflecked beats, the scattered snare cracks come together to propel the music towards a Future-minded direction.

Listen to it now.

WRHS001 is set to be released on August 12th.

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