Bass music thrives on mystery.

Producers love to dwell in the shadows, using alter egos or sometimes not even revealing their real names. Mistabishi has been making music for over a decade, using countless monikers to cover his multiple artistic directions.

At times threatening to disappear, the producer returned last year with 'The Trip' - a homage of sorts to the early 90s rave scene. Now a follow up is due, the somewhat appropriately titled album 'The Calm'.

Due for release on September 23rd, the material finds Mistabishi once again re-inventing himself. A more pared down, cooled off cousin to 'The Trip' the new material focusses on texture but the breaks hark back to the producer's heritage as part of the drum 'n' bass scene.

Ahead of this, Clash are able to bring you new single 'Repulsion'. Codeine-slow and thick as syrup, the beats are backed with a mournful pop vocal which is as affecting as it is contagious.

Listen to it now.

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