That Was A Day
Hook & The Twin

People often talk of a British pop lineage.

The reality is, though, that as our notion of 'British' shifts, then so too does our notion of pop music. Hook & The Twin could be described as sitting in this lineage. Offbeat pop music with an intelligent yet quirky edge, there's a psychedelic feel which is matched to an itchy, reserved sense of funk.

Yet scratch the surface and there's very little which can be explicitly termed 'English'. New single 'That Was A Day' rattles along, skating on top of a rhythm which nods towards Krautrock and the infinite drum patterns of Neu! and Kraftwerk.

This isn't a race along the Autobahn, though: more a leisurely Sunday drive to Canvey Island. Recorded underneath a Nigerian ministry complex in South London, Hook & The Twin managed to grab Stereolab's Andy Ramsay to sit at the controls. Clocking in at just under three and a half minutes long, 'That Was A Day' is - by any standards - wonderful pop music, and of course deeply British.

Yet not British.

Suppose that's the point.

Listen to it now.

Fancy download the mp3 for free? Grab it here:

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'That Was A Day' is set to be released on June 10th.


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