Ooo Never

Micachu and Tirzah have always been close.

The pair went to school together, making beats in their spare time and swapping ideas during class. Micachu choose music, embarking on a vast array of projects as a solo artist, group leader and producer.

Tirzah chose fashion, but recently found herself being drawn back to the electronic sphere. Working on fresh material, the London based artist decided to hook up with an old friend.

With Micachu at the controls, sessions took an imaginative turn. Fusing the sweet sounds of R&B with a left field sensibility, each track has a glistening, somewhat amorphous feel - as if the music will melt down into liquid and pour out of your speakers.

New EP 'I'm Not Dancing' is out now via Greco-Roman, and the title track is available to stream online. With new material fast approaching, Clash are able to stream a new track - a snippet, really - before anyone else.

'Ooo Never' lasts for just under a minute, but the slippery nature of its construction alludes strongly to club culture. Seeming to turn back on itself, the track feels like Tirzah is going in for a good old fashioned reload before 'Ooo Never' slides out to its conclusion.

Listen to it now.

'I'm Not Dancing' is out now.

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