Heads Above

"How many beats per minute can I break your heart?"

That, right there, is the raison detre, the core of WhoMadeWho. The Danish group spin a heady web of electronics, taking on board post-punk and psychedelic influences in the process.

Oft compared to the likes of LCD Soundsystem, the trio have a simple philosophy: to write fantastic songs, which you make you dance and feel something new.

Upcoming album 'Dreams' is set to be released on March 3rd, via the group's own imprint Darup Associates. Launching the album with single-meets-app 'The Morning', WhoMadeWho are now ready to unveil a new track.

'Heads Above' is soft, subtle songwriting with the Danish group aiming to cut through to the heart of the matter. That low slung bass line is sheer DFA, while the metallic production hints towards the futuristic gleam of Detroit techno.

At heart, though, it's a perfectly formed pop song, weaving delicately in and out to stamp its identity in a simple, yet totally effective manner.

Listen to it now.

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