'Mad Man'...
Caspa x Riko

With the vocal first recorded back in 2010, Caspa and Riko's collaborative debut may have taken a while to come to fruition, but 'Mad Man' sees the pair join forces on a back-to-basics, super gully dubstep banger. Having almost come full circle over the last five years with regards to his sound, Caspa has started to look to his roots for inspiration this year. And on this evidence, it's certainly working.

Stripped back and built for maximum club impact, 'Mad Man' is classic Caspa; nothing overly complicated, just huge and moody bass hits pitted against the vocal tenacity of Riko. It's also worth pointing out there's no hook either, with the pace dictated purely by the track's energy.

Although certainly old school in outlook, it does still sound fresh and exciting, and there's definitely something comforting about hearing dubstep free of the excess noise and over-zealous sampling that's plagued its recent past - it revels in its simplicity here. Riko certainly plays a big part too, firing off snappy 16s with typical guile and swagger and it's that combination that really makes this one sing. A proper London anthem.

'Mad Man' will be released as part of Dub Police's 45-track 'Past, Present, Future' compilation on November 25th.

Words: Tomas Fraser
Photo: Katie Burrett

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