Josh Record

Music works best as a communal experiece.

Sure, some records can be enjoyed in isolation, sat alone with a pair of headphones on. But to create music, to really risk something, you need to open yourself up and share with other people.

Something which Josh Record seems to be adept at. The songwriter previously worked on the Alton Estate in London, an eyeball to eyeball experience with all manner of poverty fuelled social issues.

Yet rather than back down, the young artist began inviting people into his home. An unofficial drop out zone for those who the world had shunned, the informal meet up saw anywhere up to nine people live in Josh Record's home across two years.

It's a life experience which imbues his work with a certain authority, a certain perceptiveness. Once again beginning by using his home as a base, Josh Record started The Purple Rooms as a means to find like minds, to share similar ideas.

From there, the likes of Charlene Soraia have gone on to enjoy wider success but Record has remained on the sidelines. Now, though, it seems that the London based artist is ready to raise his voice, ready to make himself heard.

New EP 'Bones' is already available digitally, with a physical release due on April 8th. It's an imposing listen - one that contains a rare intimacy alongside a frank openness, a willingness to be heard.

The title cut itself has an almost drone like atmosphere, a spiritual air which lends his sometimes introverted lyricism a redemptive edge.

Listen to it now.


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