Passenger (Kid Koala Remix)
Emily Wells

Hip-hop and folk - doesn't go, does it?

Frankly, the chances of seeing Nas cover a Bert Jansch tune are one in a million. Different worlds, different spheres of influence, different modes of communication.

Well, maybe someone forgot to tell Emily Wells. The singer is steeped in acoustic songcraft, with a voice that would make Laura Marling fling her harp out of the window in jealous frustration. (Does Laura Marling own a harp? - Ed.)

Yet there are also traces of hip-hop. Listening to the arrangements, the beat, you can grasp a palpable sensitivity towards the rap universe. Which is what makes this new remix so effortless.

A Ninja Tune cohort, Kid Koala, knows a thing or two about beat-making - what with being one of the world's premiere turntablists 'n' all. He's able to lend another voice, a weight of experience to the track. Re-working new single 'Passenger' in his own unique style, you can listen to the results below.

- - -

Emily Wells is set to release new single 'Passenger' on April 29th, with her debut album to follow suit on June 3rd.

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