Strange Fruit
Lorine Chia

For a moment there, Lorine Chia was literally the name on everyone's lips.

Kanye West delivered his new album 'Yeezus' and at one point included a sample from a fresh rendition of 'Strange Fruit'. Many assumed that the voice - powerful, strong, yet with a hint of delicacy - belonged to Lorine Chia sparking huge speculation online.

In the end, though, it was a case of mistaken identity - albeit a fortuitous one. A huge influx of interest followed the Cleveland artist's music, with debut mixtape 'Lorine' gaining a cult following as fans swooned at her near effortless vocal delivery.

Partially inspired by that internet furore, Lorine Chia has opted to record a brand new version of 'Strange Fruit'. Initially a poem by Abel Meeropol, the words quickly found a musical setting before Billie Holiday recorded what remains for many the definitive version of the song.

No doubt aware of the jazz icon's recording, Chia steers clear of any homage. The arrangement is delicate, hinting towards the singer's love of electronics which applying all the flexibility that jazz has to offer.

The delivery is impassioned, with Lorine Chia's meditative delivery of the song allowing her to shift the lyrics as she sees fit - dwelling on particular lines, her evocation of this tragic song has a rare, rare impact.

Listen to it now.

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