Everything Changes
Rachel Sermanni

The Highlands have always been a place to escape to.

Away from the city rush, the endless onslaught of traffic, of noise, of people - it's a little easier to find some headspace in the countryside, a little easier to find a place to call your own.

Propelled into a hectic world of touring and travelling following the success of her debut album, Rachel Sermanni could feel herself being pulled home.

Returning to the tiny village of Carrbridge, the young songwriter rested in the childhood bedroom where she had first found her voice. Well, she intended to rest. But, surrounded by the objects of her childhood, the hills and glens which first inspired her, Sermanni quickly began sketching out some new material.

The results are a fragile, tender step forward. New EP 'Everything Changes' will be released on January 27th, with the material actually being laid down in New York with producer Alex Newport - an ocean way from Carrbridge.

The title cut is assured yet introspective, with gentle, almost Baroque fingerpicking underpinning Rachel Sermanni's cutting delivery. Tales of growing old and growing apart, the chorus intones: "everything moves, everything changes".

Listen to it below.

'Everything Changes' is set to be released on January 27th. Rachel Sermanni is set to play London's Hospital Club on November 26th, before appearing at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum on January 31st.

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