Stripped-back dark numbers and dank bassline riffs are what Last Japan does best. For fans of the shadowy sound tearing up Bristol right now, his new five-tracked 'Darsk' EP showcases just that along with a love of grime - getting up-and-coming emcee Merky ACE and the relatively unknown 2K on board.

The South Londoner - or Marco, as he’s known to his mates – has been a stalwart of the UK underground for a while now, dropping releases on Lo Note UK, Bullet Train and Signal Life. In addition, the recent arrival of Zomby’s 'With Love' saw him as the sole collaborator on the haunted 'Pyrex Nights'.

'Float' is a diamond in a pile of diamonds - roaming around dark soundscapes and murky visions, it shrouds itself in the influences of 2step and grime. Making use of hollow percussive hits, it’s a particularly irresistible cut of UK sound that’ll no doubt get reload after reload.

Listen to it now.

'Darsk' is set to be released soon via Space + Time.

Words by Felicity 'Birthday Girl' Martin

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