Too Good To Be True
Throwing Up

For many, DIY isn't some romanticised, idealised way of approaching music - it's the only way they can be heard.

After all, a band with a name like Throwing Up aren't going to have limousines queuing outside their shows, with countless major label suits waiting to steal away into the night with their signatures.

Tattered and torn, shattered and worn, Throwing Up are indebted to that other, secret area of the 90s. Sure, there are grunge influences here but it's the sound of 'Bleach', not 'Nevermind' while those shades of Riot Grrrl tap into long lost Brighton hero(in)es Huggy Bear.

But it's not some retrospective trip down an alleyway dotted with plaid shirts, ripped jeans and fuzz pedals. Throwing Up sound like an East London based in 2013: strong, proud and deeply independent.

Snapped by Tim Burgess' label O Genesis, the band's debut album is out now. Recently playing a sweltering set at a London all dayer, Throwing Up are now focussing on their next single release.

Without giving anything away, Clash have been able to grab a quick preview. 'Too Good To Be True' is scheduled to sit on the flip of their next 45, but we've managed to grab a demo recording.

Chugging, cavewoman rock with a melancholic edge, you can listen to it below.

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