Blame Fiction
The Belle Game

Baroque pop.

Not so much a genre, more a statement. Pop made outlandish yet retaining that fatal sense of introversion, vast arrangements coupled around the simplest, the sweetest of melodies.

The Belle Game aren't quite Baroque pop - at least in that record collector, vinyl addict sense - but the Canadian band most certainly share a certain aesthetic, a particular approach.

Debut album 'Ritual Tradition Habit' emerged earlier this year, finally gaining a digital only British release this month. Already a cult curio, it's songcraft is assured yet fragile; hopelessly beautiful through the manner in which it can absolutely nail those inner workings in a pop couplet.

Set to play a headline show in London this Thursday (November 28th) the band have handed Clash a lil preview. 'Blame Fiction' relishes that sweet/sour, light/dark dichotomy, with soft-as-lemonade melodies shrouding lyrics which peel apart the failings of a relationship.

A bright blue sky with an ice cold breeze, 'Blame Fiction' leaves you enraptured in its near-orchestral glamour.

The Belle Game have confirmed the following show:

28 London St. Pancras Church

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