Cloud 98 3/4 (The Hics Remix)

For those who know, Dobie is a virtual legend in British music.

Carving out his own identity across the space of two decades, the producer flits between hip hip, jungle and more, always adding something deep, something soulful in the process.

His calling card, though, remains 'Cloud 98 3/4'. Initially released in 1997, it's a surefire classic with Ninety 9 on hand to lend some edgy vocals.

Due to be re-issued on March 31st via Nero Records, Dobie has agreed to allow his cut to be remixed by a handful of carefully selected guest artists. London based collective The Hics are amongst them.

Fast rising, the six piece match electronics to a near jazz-like fluidity. Fusing disparate influences into a fluttering, billowing whole, it's a lengthy, meditative re-work which retains the physicality of the original.

Check it out now.

The Hics are set to play a Clash x Next Wave event at London's Oslo venue tonight (February 27th).

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