'This River Has A Tide' (Doug McDiarmid / WHY? remix)
Mice Parade

Mice Parade are perennial underdogs.

Despite the spotlight shining on New York's indie scene for the past decade, the group have somehow managed to evade wider notice. Perhaps it's their songcraft - dense, illusionary, gently challenging - which manages to be both utterly impossible and frustratingly difficult to define.

New album 'Candela' though, should see Mice Parade reach a new level. Quite simply - it's a fantastic album, one that matches soaring peaks to gently hewn lows, one that fuses an ever ambitious compositional nous with palpable sense of drama.

ClashMusic were recently sent a press release outlining the story behind 'Candela' which contained just one, effortlessly confident quote from the band: "This is the best album we've made in years".

Album highlight 'This River Has A Tide' was recently subject to a re-work. Doug McDiarmid from WHY? stepped up to the plate, picking apart Mice Parade and piecing them back together again. It's a fun remix, one that seems to emphasise the musicality at heart within both band and producer.

Listen to it below.


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