The Physics House Band

It's fair to say that jazz fusion has got a bad rep.

Those time signatures, the endless noodling, the beards and (shock horror!) turtlenecks have all combined to make fusion the genre that time - and everyone else - forgot. Apart from a few noble souls, that is.

The Physics House Band will no doubt be pegged as math rock, and to be fair the group probably do own both Battles albums alongside a fair few Don Cabellero cuts. Aside from Warp influences, though, there's a healthy dose of the-sound-wot-dare-not-shout-its-name.

We speak, of course, of fusion. Debut EP 'Horizons / Rapture' lasts for 26 minutes and contains six delicately constructed pieces of music.

A menagerie of metal, electronic and jazz influences, The Physics House Band career from style to style with nary a glance at ye olde rule book. What shines through most, though, is a profound sense of FUN. 

Take 'Teratology': seemingly "the study of abnormalities of physiological development" (yes, we looked it up on Wikipedia) the track is a mesh of time signatures, mangled instruments and barely concealed laughter.

Listen to it now...

'Horizons / Rapture' is set to be released on April 15th.

Catch The Physics House Band at the following shows:

Sat 13 Apr UK LEEDS Dirty Otter Festival
Tue 16 Apr UK MIDDLESBROUGH Mixtape 18+ FREE
Wed 17 Apr UK GLASGOW Bar Bloc 18+ £5
Thu 18 Apr UK YORK The Basement 16+ £5
Fri 19 Apr UK LIVERPOOL MelloMello 18+ £5
Sat 20 Apr UK MANCHESTER Kraak Gallery 18+ £5
Sun 21 Apr UK NORWICH Hog in Armour 18+ £5 Mon
22 Apr UK GUILDFORD Boileroom 18+ £5 Tue
23 Apr UK BRISTOL Louisiana 16+ £5 Wed
24 Apr UK WINCHESTER Railway 16+ £5 Thu
25 Apr UK SOUTHAMPTON Avondale House 16+ FREE Fri
26 Apr UK PLYMOUTH White Rabbit 16+ FREE Sat
27 Apr UK CARDIFF Buffalo Bar Sun
28 Apr UK BRIGHTON Green Door Store 18+ Mon
29 Apr UK LONDON Old Blue Last 18+ FREE


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